Slovenia: primary schools will switch to digital education from Monday

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2020-11-06   10:14

In Slovenia, primary schools will also switch to digital education from Monday, the government said at a press conference on Thursday. The cabinet has also extended the epidemiological measures to curb the coronavirus by a week, the MTI writes.

Educational institutions switched to distance learning from 19 October, with the exception of the lower grades of primary schools. Education Minister Simona Kustec said the government had decided to start education for everyone online from Monday to a week after the extended autumn break. With a few exceptions, kindergartens also remain closed. Supervision is only organized for children whose parents work in the police, healthcare or other vital services.

Home Secretary Ales Hojs said the ban on groupings of more than six people would remain in place from Saturday to a week, and shops selling non-essential goods, restaurants and hotels, and hairdressing and beauty salons would still not be open. Exceptions are pedicurists, baby shops, hardware stores, furniture and car salons, and photographers and watchmakers. However, only one person can be on thirty square meters.

The night curfew and daytime curfew will remain, and a face mask will remain mandatory everywhere. The government reviews the measures on a weekly basis and decides, in the light of epidemiological data, whether to relax or extend the restrictions. According to data released by the cabinet on Thursday, the number of infected people increased by 1,685 to 41,094 the previous day. Thirty patients died, bringing the death toll to 471. Of the patients diagnosed, 1,023 are in hospital, 161 of whom are cared for in the intensive care unit.