Solek is targeting Czechia with solar power plants

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-07-14   04:57

Domestic energy group Solek Holding SE wants to develop in the Czech Republic after building solar power plants abroad, especially in Chile. The owner, Zdeněk Sobotka, is targeting construction on the roofs of commercial and municipal buildings and wants to build power plants with an output of hundreds of megawatts within three years, the company announced.

Holding Solek was founded by Sobotka in 2010, when the company carried out its first and so far only Czech installation near Mšen in central Bohemia. Since then, it has focused on abroad, where it has photovoltaic power plants with an output of almost 200 megawatts connected to the grid.

Now the company based in Prague wants to focus on the domestic market as well. "In the Czech Republic, an energy revolution is taking place from below, moreover with the support of the government, which is only good. The Czech Republic's energy independence from Russia and other countries cannot be achieved without the rapid and responsible construction of its own sustainable projects. The solar ones are therefore a strategic solution. We want in the Czech Republic in the nearest three years to build power plants with an output of hundreds of megawatts," said Sobotka.

The Czechia must fulfill the climate and energy goals of the European Union, which is helped by subsidy programs. The analyzes assume the development of increases in the installed capacity of solar installations in a realistic scenario for the year 2030 at the level of roughly 8,200 megawatts. "This increase already includes installations far larger than 100 kWp. It is gratifying that a player is entering the Czech market who is able to approach this goal with his experience and who has verified abroad that he is able to carry out individual photovoltaic installations even in the order of hundreds of kWp or MWp units,"said Jan Pejter, an energy expert from PwC Czech Republic..

The key market for Sobotka's company is now Chile, thanks to the optimal solar conditions. It also operates abroad in Slovakia and Romania, and last year it started building in Cyprus. Last year, Solek connected solar sources with a volume of 69 megawatts to the network outside the Czech Republic. This was more than in the Czech Republic, where a total of 62 megawatts of new solar power plants were installed last year, according to the Solar Association.

Solek also sees a strategic position for solar construction in the Czech Republic. "Despite the lower annual total of incident solar energy, domestic solar projects have the advantage of a mild winter and a climate that extends the life of the panels and reduces the demands for their maintenance," said Sobotka.

Solek wants to focus on the construction of power plants on the roofs of commercial buildings and on community projects where groups of residents, municipalities and their associations are the client. It mentions the construction of small power plants as well as projects whose installed capacity exceeds ten megawatts.

At the end of last year, according to data from the Solar Association, there were 41,634 solar power plants with a total output of about 2,200 MW throughout the Czech Republic.

Source: CTK