Unused customs office in Harrachov failed to be auctioned, the city will repeat the auction

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2022-08-04   07:10

The unused customs house on the Czech-Polish border in Harrachov, Jablonecko, could not be auctioned, no bidders bid. The city wanted at least CZK 59.7 million for the area of ​​9,000 square meters and dilapidated buildings. The town hall plans to repeat the auction, but first it wants to change the zoning plan, according to Deputy mayor Tomáš Vašíček (SNK - Change for Harrachov).

The customs house, built in the 1970s from granite and concrete, was acquired by Harrachov free of charge from the state in 2008. In the past, there was a game room and a free shop with food for rent, but the customs house has been unused and dilapidated for many years. "We have an opinion that says it's almost beyond repair," the deputy mayor said earlier. The city has no use for the customs office, and attempts by the previous Harrach administration to return the building to the state ended in failure. The town hall bought the related land for 11 million and is looking for an investor for the almost hectare area.

"It turned out, which we assumed, that we would have to change the land use plan so that the investors would not take risks," Vašíček added. According to him, the buildability of the land is currently limited by the regional plan to 15 percent of the area of ​​the land, which is not enough for potential investors to build a hotel. It should thus increase to roughly 50 percent, and the city also wants to allow underground garages and a higher building than is there today. According to Vašíček, it could be finished by the end of this year, but it will also depend on the result of the municipal elections in September.

The new owner will have to demolish the buildings, but according to Vašíček, these are very lucrative plots of land just 400 meters from the new recreation area in Jakušice, Poland. In the future, a bike path should connect the area with the Polish side and with Harrachov. In addition, Harrachov today does not offer any free land on which to build, and there are not many buildings in the mountain resort where new hotels or houses with holiday apartments could be built. "And no one will allow construction on the green field here," Vašíček added.

Source: CTK