Vodafone will be the first to turn off the 3G mobile network tonight

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-03-31   08:58

Vodafone will be the first domestic operator to shut down its 3G mobile network tonight. More than 99 percent of its four million customers will not be affected by the change, as they use newer devices and SIM cards that already operate on a faster LTE network. It wants to use the freed frequencies to strengthen LTE and build a state-of-the-art 5G network. 5G, which is ten times faster than LTE, is available to a third of the population.

Most customers will not even notice the change in technology. Their phone automatically switches to the GSM network when calling and receiving and sending SMS. If they want to use fast mobile data, all they need is a SIM card and a mobile phone that support the 4G network (LTE).

Competitive O2 plans to shut down the 3G network in three steps from May 31, T-Mobile has not yet decided on a date.

3G mobile networks, also known as UMTS 17 years ago, brought mobile internet with more than a megabit speed for the first time. Replacement of obsolete 3G technology is planned this year and next year in other countries around the world, in Europe such as Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

Source: CTK