CAPEXUS presents new premises in brand new Bořislavka building

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-07-26   14:44
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Combining practicality with modern design and impressive elements that perfectly communicate the company's values and story is always an interesting challenge. Even more so if practicality in the form of enough storage space is one of the client's priorities. But the result is well worth it. This project is proof of that.

In the brand-new building, the architects had the opportunity to do everything without making compromises. The empty floors thus became a place to implement the client's ideas: interesting design elements reflecting its business plus plenty of storage space. Within a few months, the rough construction was transformed into a modern office combining enclosed rooms and suitably designed shared spaces, which perfectly reflect the company's focus.

The emphasis on practicality played a crucial role in this case, because employees work with a large number of documents that cannot be digitized. Good ergonomics and storage space for all the necessary materials are vital to their comfortable work and maintaining order in the office.

The coordinated selection of natural materials and colours also has a positive effect on comfort and efficiency. Although we are still talking about office space, we were able to create an atmosphere that employees perceive very positively. These days even very serious brands can offer offices that go with the times and are suitable both for focused work and for meetings and relaxation.

Technology and interactive elements also give the offices a modern look. In addition to the well-planned lighting, the rounded LED wall in front of the reception desk, on which running water is projected, is worthy of attention. The resulting effect immediately catches the eye.

If you also want offices that grab people's attention while offering exemplary everyday practicality, write to us how we can help you. We will take care of your project from start to finish.

Images by Adam Fuchs & Lukáš Prokůpek