Jutro Medical acquired PLN 27 million in the seed round for the development of its platform

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-07-27   14:19

Jutro Medical, which is developing an online clinic combined with a modern clinic, obtained PLN 27 million (EUR 6 million) in the seed round, led by the Inovo Venture Partners fund, with the participation of the German Rheingau Founders, Market One Capital and business angels, the startup said. The funds obtained will be used to develop a platform that will facilitate the work of doctors and expansion in other cities.

Investors who participated in the latest round previously supported Jutro Medical in the preseed round, in which the startup received PLN 6.2 million, it said.

Jutro Medical intends to increase its medical, product and operational teams. The company plans to employ doctors, nurses, medical assistants, as well as, inter alia, developers, product designers and product managers.

'The pace with which we switched to telemedicine after the outbreak of the pandemic has completely changed the way we use healthcare. But the advancement of technology in medicine is much more than remote consultation. Patients have taken the initiative and want much more control over their own health. We want to reorganize healthcare so that it starts long before symptoms are detected Our mission is not only to provide patients with the correct treatment on time, but also to prevent and help detect potential risks before they become pressing problems. from the trust we have so far, but we still have a lot of hard work ahead of us," said Adam Janczewski, founder and CEO of Jutro Medical.

The funds obtained will help in the further development of the platform for doctors to further facilitate their work and increase the efficiency of clinics, while maintaining the highest standard of medical care. Tomorrow, Medical also plans to open facilities in other cities, where it will also offer a combination of online medical care with on-site consultations and tests. The company plans to launch the first clinic in Poland that serves patients at the National Health Fund 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has given us an insight into what the future of healthcare can and should look like. Tomorrow Medical is fully realizing this vision. By controlling all phases of primary care, Tomorrow Medical and its medical teams can innovate in real time. The introduction of an agile and exceptionally effective working model in an industry that is known rather for slower response time is a completely new quality. So we decided to re-invest in Adam and his team," added Rheingau Founders partner Johann Reich .

Jutro Medical is a Polish startup that develops the clinic of the future. It combines telemedicine with a modern primary care point. It offers patients remote consultations, e-referrals, e-waivers and e-prescriptions directly in the mobile application. 90% of medical consultations are entirely online. Tomorrow Medical offers services under the National Health Fund. The startup also automated the work of doctors in the field of completing medical documentation, as well as, inter alia, issuing prescriptions.

Source: ISBnews