Leipziger Stadtbau develops LEJ Campus with 22,000 sqm for DHL

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-07-26   08:58

Leipziger Stadtbau AG, together with Deutsche Post DHL Group, broke ground last week for the LEJ campus on August-Euler-Strasse in Schkeuditz, Saxony. Leipziger Stadtbau, which is also the owner of the property, developed the concept for the around 22,000 sqm, mixed-use area. Completion of the campus is planned for mid-2023. Rubin 65. GmbH, a subsidiary of Leipziger Stadtbau AG, is investing a total of around EUR 70 million in the project.

The three multi-storey buildings are characterized by their modern and innovative design and will in future offer around 700 employees: inside space. The campus is largely supplied with self-generated electrical energy by photovoltaic systems and a block-type thermal power station, which significantly reduces the use of electricity. The car park will also be equipped with 80 charging stations.

"The development of an energy-efficient concept for the entire campus was one of the central goals that we set ourselves as the initiator of the campus," said Hannes Koefer, Technical Director of Leipziger Standbau AG.

The climate-friendly construction fits in with the sustainability strategy of the Deutsche Post DHL Group, whose mission is to reduce all emissions to zero net by 2050. “We have also thought through the requirements of modern workplaces, so the current challenges of working under pandemic conditions have already been incorporated and taken into account in the planning of the building. The focus of the campus is on the well-being of the employees: inside and therefore offers additional to the normal work space, opportunities for sporting activity and regeneration as well as an 'open office', a cafe-bar and various retreats for meetings in small groups," said Hannes Koefer .

“Satisfied and motivated teams are what make us successful. By merging individual external locations into one, we will be able to benefit even more from the skills of our employees in the future," said Ralph Wondrak, CEO of DHL HUB Leipzig GmbH and adds, "We want to remain an attractive, highly qualified employer in the future Offers jobs in a modern work environment."

“DHL is the largest employer in the Northern Saxony district. A healthy development of the area around the airport with suitable, modern workplaces is very important to us,” said North Saxony District Administrator Kai Emanuel.

“For a city like Schkeuditz, the LEJ campus is a milestone in urban development. It is the commitment to the Schkeuditz location that we have been waiting for a long time and that can also be shown more intensively. With this innovative campus, DHL is no longer just perceived as a source of noise at night. Here it becomes clear that DHL is in fact, and contrary to the common stereotypes that this industry brings with it, heavily involved in sustainable technologies. We are also looking forward to the desire to be an attractive employer in Schkeuditz," said Rayk Bergner, Lord Mayor of Schkeuditz.

After completion, the campus will be occupied for several years by DHL Customs, experts in internal customs clearance, DHL NetOps, the operational headquarters of DHL Express in Europe and the airline Aerologic, a joint venture between DHL and Lufthansa Cargo.

Source: Leipziger Stadtbau