SUAS GROUP buys the construction company BAU-STAV

by   CIJ News iDesk III
2021-07-20   16:47

The energy company SUAS GROUP merges with the construction company BAU-STAV. Through the acquisition of the construction company, SUAS GROUP, which is a sister company of Sokolovská uhelná a. S., Promises to strengthen its own construction capacities.

The acquisition of one of the most important construction companies in the Karlovy Vary region is one of the first steps in the energy company SUAS GROUP a. S. In construction. The companies will be interconnected through SUAS Construction s.r.o., which will exercise property rights in BAU-STAV after the transaction has been approved by the Office for the Protection of Competition.

"One of the first transformation steps is the development of development opportunities, which will enable us to acquire with one of the most important construction companies in the region. In our activities, we are committed to cooperating as much as possible with companies from our region. and capacity, not only in development, which is certainly one of the key pillars of our future, which we are creating for our region right now, "said Pavel Tomek, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SUAS GROUP and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SUAS Construction.

Real estate, construction and development activities are one of the four key pillars of future activities for the newly established company SUAS GROUP. The company is starting the construction of new production capacities in locations intended for industrial zones, intends to build residential housing and will also focus on the revitalization of residential buildings in Sokolov. There are also plans for construction activities focused on our own production or operational facilities, and the development of recreational and leisure zones along the newly flooded Lake Medard. These activities are in the phase of project and investment preparation, while SUAS GROUP expects to make maximum use of its own capacities and capacities acquired through similar acquisitions.

One of the essential aspects of the acquisition of SUAS GROUP and BAU-STAV is the stable personnel background, experience and management processes for the preparation and implementation of construction contracts. The acquisition with BAU-STAV will expand the SUAS GROUP by another 125 ordinary employees and dozens of other employees in cooperating companies.

From January next year, the existing construction company, SUAS - Stavební s.r.o., which employs another approximately 70 ordinary employees and several dozen other employees in cooperating companies, will be included in the SUAS GROUP, also under the management of SUAS Construction s.r.o. shares.

BAU-STAV a. S. Was founded by Milan Špička in 1991 and is now one of the most important construction companies in the Karlovy Vary region. It deals with building construction, engineering and transport constructions, civic amenities, apartment buildings, hotels, spas, medical facilities, cultural and architectural monuments, revitalizations and its own development projects. BAU-STAV is also the only partner of PORTICUS s. R. O., Which has a construction design and expertise for the permitting procedure. "Since the acquisition with a key company in the Karlovy Vary and Sokolovská regions, we are gaining a unique opportunity to participate in the transformation of our region. From the BAU-STAV point of view, this is a significant milestone in our thirty-year history," said Špička.

SUAS GROUP was founded by Sokolovská uhelná with the aim of transforming its business activities from coal mining and processing to new areas. It should work in real estate and development, construction, waste management, as well as ecological energy and gas. SUAS GROUP is the most important private entity in the Karlovy Vary region in terms of economic performance and socially responsible investments. It provides heat for 48,000 households, which is a third of the region's population. For the years 2015 to 2021, the Sokolovské uhelné group will pay almost eight billion crowns to the state budget for emission allowances alone. Since its privatization in 2005, Sokolovská uhelná has spent over 950 million crowns on supporting culture, healthcare, sports and other activities. The company has a total share of more than ten percent of the GDP of the entire region. With its importance and size, it is also a key employer in the region, with 11,5000 people associated with the group.

Source: CTK